Keep My Commands

“Keep My Commands: Embracing the Path of Obedience”

In a world filled with countless voices vying for our attention and influence, we are called to tune our hearts to the unwavering voice of our Heavenly Father, who lovingly directs our steps […]

Not My Will, But Your Will Be Done

“Not My Will, But Your Will Be Done: Surrendering to God’s Plan”

In our journey of faith, we often come to pivotal moments where we must choose between our own desires and God’s divine will. It is in these moments of […]

How to Teach the People

? Join Our Vision: How to Teach the People ?

At The Living Word Church, we are a Kingdom-Driven, Christ-Centered global outreach ministry dedicated to the holistic development of individuals, communities, and Marketplace Ministry.

? Our Faith:
We firmly believe that Jesus Christ […]


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